Submitting menus

How do I add a menu to an existing restaurant?

On the restaurant page, you will see a link to " Add Menus". Click that link and upload any new menus you want to add for that restaurant. There is an approval period for new menus, so any new menus you add will not show up instantly.

How do I add a menu for a restaurant not on

Before you can add a menu, we need to know about the restaurant. Submit a restaurant first, then you'll be able to add any menus afterwards

Is there a cooler/easier way to add restaurants and menus?

We're glad that you asked. There is a pretty simple way to add a new restaurant AND menu with just 1 email. Write an email to with the phone number of the restaurant as the Subject and attach any menus to the email. Click send, then we'll take care of the rest. For more detailed information about this, read our Helping Out Section.