La Capilla

1332 Sartori Ave
Torrance, CA

for La Capilla
11 months ago
NOW WAY OVERPRICED! CAUTION: The MENU posted here is 10 years old! This resturaunt was my favorite for DECADES and I loved to go quite often, but now just once a month or so when I need a Mexican Food "fix". Most of the waitresses know me by name and that's nice but was a 'regular'... Now sadly, the price increases happen much too often, in fact prices are now SO expensive that I ONLY order the 'special' for the day ~ whatever that is (because it does change every day). One example: a simple/basic Margarita is now $7.00 and this is NOT a Cadilac ~ it's just a common pour ~ and they sell so many I think it's on "gun" (if I'm not mistaken). I could understand if it WAS a double, but they are *always* served with lots of chipped ice. Coffee is $3.75 and Fountan drinks are about the same. Yes they provide refils on request, but (I think) a actual glass of fountain drinks costs them only 50 cents or less. Please know the food IS GOOD, but now WAY too pricy for what one gets.