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for Karachi Tandoori
by Perdasi
almost 5 years ago
Roche's Mix Chekenn Baryani: I don't know where to start, I was with my friends Sunday 6/16/2013 . at 9:00 PM,M,M, we orders Chicken Baryani. Ejaz Jallani give us service, He take 20 mines to give us Chicken Baryani, we start eating maybe two spoons we put in our mouth Some thing moving in Dish, I tell my friend r u looking its hot maybe Ejaz Jallani make it Fresh, My friend put Spoon which area was moving and he took Rise in other Plate, OHH Mera Allah its a big ROCH in the Chekenn Baryani, we call Ejaz Jallani Sahib , and try to show him he start argument with us its big Allichi, there is one other guy before he was singing in some Indian songs in microphone, he show up and he took the Roach plate, we did very big mistake we have to make 1st movie with our cell phone, then we have to call Police and show them that stuff then we have to call Ejaz Gallani, Any way!! Halal Food doesn't mean meat only zibah, Cleaning and neatness also part of Halal Please Be Ware About Karachi Tandoori Food, Maybe Next Time You Guys Eat ROCHES MIX KARACHI TANDOORI or maybe you already eat it.