Fantastic Café

20305 S Western Ave
Torrance, CA
Mon - Thu: 5:30am - 11pm
Fri: 6am - midnight
Sat: 5:30am - 11pm
Sun: 7am - 11pm

for Fantastic Café
by Guardduck25
almost 4 years ago
Ordered the chili cheese fries today and they rocked good portion not to much and not to little fair price 5.00 and change the cashier had the personality of a wet noodle , didn't really feel welcomed but I would visit again
by soweto
over 4 years ago
HAIR IN MY BURRITO!! I'VE FOUND 3 REVIEWS ON HERE WHERE PEOPLE FOUND HAIR IN THEIR FOOD AND SEVERAL REVIEWS TALKING ABOUT THE RUDE GIRL THAT WORKS THE REGISTER! I bought a breakfast burrito there this morning 8/18/2013 and I found a long blonde hair in my burrito. I took it back and the girl at the register was very rude. She gave me my 6 dollars back and said I can leave. I told her she was very rude and I demanded an apology. In fact, she was rude when I originally made my order but after I found the hair in my burrito I had no tolerance for her anymore. You would think an apology would be automatic. I've been eating at this fantastics for over 2 years but after today I will never go in there again and I recommend a gas station burrito over this place.