25341 Chiquella Ln
Stevenson Ranch, CA

for Denny's
by Jackie
over 3 years ago
HORRID CUSTOMER SERVICE ! I had brunch at Denny's in Stevenson Ranch on January 23rd with a friend and her 19-year old granddaughter. We all noticed some very loud noise coming from an electronic toy somewhere in the restaurant but couldn't pinpoint where exactly it was coming from. It was very bothersome. I had my back to the rest of the restaurant as we were seated at in a corner booth and I was facing the window. After the waitress took our order, we asked her very nicely if she could please locate where the noise was coming from and perhaps request that the volume on the toy be turned down. She was flustered and said she couldn't do that. We were surprised and discussed it amongst ourselves. We wanted to leave but decided to just put up with the noise as best we could. Our food was served. As we were eating, a large woman approached us, stood at the end of our table threateningly and started screaming at us. It was apparently her child who had been making the noise. I looked around for help and noticed a man in a tie whom I assumed was the manager. I waived him over for help. Instead, he came to the screaming woman's aid and began to harass us as well, saying that Denny's was a family restaurant and that we should expect noise. That much noise? Unbelievable! I later inquired and was told that the manager's name was "Tony." When I asked to speak to the owner, I was told the owner's name was "Farouk." However, I could not glean more information as the cashier seemed really nervous about sharing any information. I have eaten at this Denny's numerous times over the years. I have raised children and understand the challenges involved. However, the noise was terrible and the manager was certainly not trained to handle such a situation. My friends and I will never eat at this Denny's again knowing that a patron's comfort while eating a meal is so incredibly unimportant. It certainly could have been handled very differently!