Gunters Restaurant

1057 El Camino Real
South San Francisco, CA

for Gunters Restaurant
by KentCh
over 4 years ago
Unbelievably racist and rude elderly waitress. ( With blonde hair, and blue eyeliner.) *Date 10/11/2013, time of checking in was during 2~3pm. This is my second time visiting this restaurant with the same friend, and make this the last time ever. ( I am Asian and my friend African American.) We had a pleasant dining experience in Gunter's for the first time, decided to go back to have pancakes for brunch this afternoon. Both time food was average to great, pricey but good portion. However, our experience in there this afternoon has completely changed our opinions for this restaurant, and refuse to ever dine in there again and strongly discourage people to until this unpleasant and uncivilized issue has been resolved. This is a honest review, and first hand experience on what we've encountered this afternoon. We arrived and were seated by a younger waitress who was polite and nice, immediately we were served water and tea. Thought we were going to have the same pleasant experience we had, but WRONG, things went completely downhill when the elderly waitress served our table. Firstly, my friend felt uncomfortable how she glared at him while taking our orders. We let that go because everyone has their bad days. Fine. Process to food finally arrived, good portion, pancakes were great among other dishes we ordered. My friend then requested a side of salsa which she had noted but never did deliver; the restaurant was NOT busy at all at around 3pm, and the waitress had checked up at every other table routinely for their orders EXCEPT ours. Immediately set off alarm and felt we were unwelcome there. Even worse, when we asked for take out boxes, she did get them for us this time but placed it DIRECTLY on the plate with syrup, thus smearing the box with syrup all over the bottom. Luckily, there was one more box stacked on the spoiled box, so we used that. Finally, here's the WORST service experience that I have personally witnessed so far in my life, when we went to the front desk to checkout with credit card, that elderly lady put on an angry face and slammed the desk with a pen and the receipt. Unnecessary and outrageous. She then processed to glare at the receipt while we wrote down how much we were going to tip which was 15%. It was an extremely uncomfortable experience, and I couldn't believe how we were treated. We are normal, college educated people, and were well mannered during the whole time in the restaurant, we even politely said thank you after she took our order and delivered our food despite the rude services and being targeted of racism. *I am not being overly sensitive and mistook this as a racial issue, she acted completely different with other customers that were White. She intentionally NOT check on our table but did so for ALL OTHERS. TL;DR, (Bulletins for we had to deal with that rude racist waitress.) 1) Elderly waitress acknowledged but refused to bring us side item that we've requested. 2) Provided no service at all for our table, but routinely checked up on all other tables. 3) When we asked for take out boxes, she then placed them directly right on top of a plate with remaining SYRUP. UNBELIEVABLE. 4) Beyond rude and slammed our credit card, receipt, and a pen on the table when we pay, processed to glare at how much we were going to tip. 5) We still tipped 15% for a brunch despite the unbelievably rude service we received. And that's when that waitress finally and literally barked thank you while still having an angry face the whole time.