Campos Famous Burritos

2149 Tapo St
Simi Valley, CA
Mon - Sun: 7:30am - 9pm

for Campos Famous Burritos
by Jaso1313
almost 6 years ago
Wow. Just ordered food from campos, ive been cuustomer for about 15 years so I filled up two of those condament cups with pico and my order was ready then I asked for two red and green salsas and the hostess said I had to buy a big container of salsa if I wanted any and that I would be asked to leave if I did it again well campos I wont be back and ill tell my friends not to go back either all over two tiny cups of pico. U lost more than that dont ythink. Funny thing is if I would have ate my food there it wouldnt have been questiond . What joke salsa whores