Bad to The Bone Bbq

31738 Rancho Viejo Rd
San Juan Capistrano, CA
Mon - Sat:11am - 9pm
Sun:11am - 8pm

for Bad to The Bone Bbq
by RawChicken
over 4 years ago
still waiting for our refund and an apology from the owner...we got take out and received raw chicken on New Year's Eve ...I called and they argued the "all their chicken is smoked so it can't be raw"...meanwhile my 6 year old has a puddle of blood on his plate from the under cooked meat and my husband found his half chicken breast completely raw at the bone :( after 7 years as loyal patrons we are appalled at this establishments lack of concern about health concerns associated with Serving RAW Chicken....we now can't eat there again and have to share our experience with evey single person that I had previously advised to "check out" their great BBQ....simply unprofessional at how this situation has been handled.