Angies Pizza

1535 S Winchester Blvd
San Jose, CA

for Angies Pizza
by monicarrr50
about 1 year ago
On Monday I went I was really really hungry cause I only do a heavy meal once 1 a week "cheat meal" and I order a pasta with marinara sauce with meatballs and I look at my plate it only has 2 meatballs and a little bit of pasta and sauce and a half small size garlic bread cut in 6 mini sizes .....I'm thinking like THIS IS REALLY REALLY STINGY AMOUNT:( I did not get full at all ,not to mention the food took 15mins to come out to me and it was cold ,HORRIBLE not worth $10.36 :( when I go to Victor's Taqueria same shit happens a very HORRIBLE STINGY COLD FOOD AMOUNT ,CHEAP ASS OWNERS:( I RATHER GO TO BK AND ORDER 5 LARGE FRIES