The Original Petrillo's

833 E Valley Blvd
San Gabriel, CA
Mon:11:30am - 9pm
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for The Original Petrillo's
by Salspeed
over 4 years ago
my first stop at Petrillos was in 1978, have been enjoying the pizza, calamari and zuchinni, etc.,,ever since, and also bragging about this place to all my friends far and near, and when they have been in town of course they have asked about getting a Petrillo's Pizza, over the past year or so i have read and heard of several negative commentaries mostly regarding the service and attitude of the staff, and even tho i also had a couple of near-BAD encounters at the pick up side of the restaurant i shrugged them off to the staff having a hard day i the past we did have to wait up to 90 minutes to pick up our orders cause we stopped going to the restaurant we started "to think and feel" that the staff was doing us "a favor" by allowing us to be patrons be honored by their presence, But yesterday Saturday Sept. 14, 2013 was just the proverbial "straw that broke the camels back" i dialed them (they were in my speed dial) and kept hitting the redial button for some 30 minutes finally a girl picked up and her only words were not Hello or thank you for calling NNOOO,, she merely said "WE are NOT TAKING ANY ORDERS FOR AT LEAST THE NEXT HOUR OR SO" and she hung up! like i said in the past i was told on more than one occasion it would be 90 minutes for my order to be ready for pick up, which was fine, we know how busy some places get! but when i was greeted in the manner i described not even giving me a chance to respond well i guess my money will be better spent at another establishment! a 35 year tradition comes to and ugly end, but i am more than willing to start a new one if any of you fine people can offer some advise of a good "Pizza Joint" with out staff with crappy attitude. thank you for allowing me to vent i feel much better now and ready to start all over again!
by Rx4891
over 5 years ago
Grew up eating Petrillos but never again..... Ordered over the phone and was told a 2 hour wait, arrived on time and after waiting at the pick-up desk for the staff to take pictures of each other and put other customers on hold received two cold pizzas. When I voiced my dissatisfaction the staff looked at me blankly asking if I wanted the pizzas or not. I asked to speak to the manager and when he finally came to address the issue he started talking without even asking what my issue was saying he was sorry but it was busy today (obviously not so busy that his staff could laugh and take pictures while we and others waited for service) when I explained that the pizza was cold he asked me what I wanted him to do about it, absolutely ridiculous..... He asked if I wanted it or not ..... I told him I didn't wait the 2 hours his staff advised for the food to be cold, he offered to redo the pizzas finally but when his staff told him it was two pizzas he said instead to give a 5.00 discount (off of a 60.00 check ??? again ridiculous) when I said I wouldn't pay 55.00 for cold pizza he said he he had the right to refuse service and took the pizzas to the back and told the staff to pull our photo and telephone numbers and not serve us again...... Not to worry Archie we wouldn't be back if you paid us to eat your cold pizza..... We ended up getting hot pizza, great service and half the price at Baby Bros pizza in El Monte ...... Disgusting to see a business become so arrogant that they think they can afford to treat customers that way .... From reading others reviews looks like I'm not the only one not going back Thank for the horrible service Archie! 1star only so the system would take this review!