Hacienda Grill

1000 Nevin Ave
Richmond, CA
Mon - Fri: 7am - 9pm
Sat - Sun: 9am - 9pm

for Hacienda Grill
by karlo1975
over 9 years ago
so I had an old menu from when this damn place 1st opened-- all these years I have been getting soft tacos (steak) with cheese, today I ordered the same thing and all i got was tortillas and meat and nothing else. I even took the old menu that I was looking at and do you these people refused to do anything but pretty much say that is too bad, i walked out of there but I threw away the food since i was not eating no dry ass meat. since the day that this crappy spot has opened I have patronized them, a long with almost 1/2 the number of people that work at SSA, I am spreading the word with my co workers here not to patronize this shitty place-- if you look at the cook's nails they are dirty as hell to and I never seen him wash his hands.