The Kitchen Italian Cafe

78 W Union St
Pasadena, CA

for The Kitchen Italian Cafe
by blythely
almost 7 years ago
TERRIBLE CATERING I placed a catering order and was quoted prices off of their old menu. When the food arrived, it was not only luke warm, but they had left off the key item in my order (a lasagna). When I called to ask where it was, they claimed I hadn't ordered it and charged me a delivery fee *again* to deliver it. By that time it was 40 minutes late and my event was basically over. Not only this, but I was charged according to their *new* prices not the prices I was quoted. The difference was only $20, but when I called to complain about the late food and the mis-quoting of prices, the lady on the phone was very rude about it and refused to do anything to rectify the situation. The food tasted ok, but was not worth the price or the terrible service. With all the other places to get catered Italian food in town, don't waste your time with these people.