Sushi Ya

2525 E Foothill Blvd
Pasadena, CA

for Sushi Ya
by Tinerz
about 6 years ago
First off I just want to say that the sushi rolls are really delicious, the food isn't why I am giving this low rating review. Its the repeatedly bad service, and seems to be only one person every time. When we first order the waitress who I also think is the manager did not know what the in roll that we order. which was a problem because what if I was allergic to one of the ingredient in the dish. She should have at lease asked the chefs but instead said the there was a lot of thing that looked the same. Then after spending about only twenty minutes in there, we pay our bill of $21.42 by leaving $22 dollars. Then the waitress chases out of the restaurant as if we hadn't paid our bill. Then ask why we didn't leave a tip, which was very embarrassing. And also she said that they expect a tip. She had made it seem like that if we didn't tip we weren't welcome there.