Kyoto Sushi

18531 Devonshire St
Northridge, CA

for Kyoto Sushi
by bcurran3
over 4 years ago
I've been going to this place since the last century. I like it. It's the only all-you-can-eat sushi place I recommend to people. Unfortunately, it's going down hill. Today is my birthday. I brought a party of 11 to eat and celebrate. I arranged to go early (5:30PM) before it was busy, even though it's a Sunday. We ordered a big batch of sushi for 9 of us by 5:45. I personally ordered two cut rolls, some sushi, and a hand roll. I got the sushi and a roll about twenty minutes later. Then I waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. Finally after more than 30 minutes of not getting food, I went and approached the manager. Henry is his name. He says he's the owner. I've never seen him before, I'm used to an older Korean couple there as management. Instead of apologizing and taken care of it, he told me they were doing it. I told him it had been 30 minutes since I had received food. He didn't care. Meanwhile, another table close to us also complained that they had not received for for 30 minutes. There were 31 people in the place and 3 sushi chefs. You think he'd be a smart enough owner/manager to assign one sushi chef to our party, one to the other 1/3 of customers at tables and one to the sushi bar. No. Instead I got dirty looks from him and at least one sushi chef as I waited for food. It took 1 hour and 30 minutes for me to get the hand roll I ordered. Two of the other families with me also didn't get all that they ordered. Henry came to our table and told us we'd been there more than an hour and he could check the cameras to prove it. I again informed him that I hadn't received my food from an hour plus ago. He didn't care. I was calm and polite telling him I was unhappy. He showed no empathy. I can't believe this guy owns the place! Is he the new owner? While I was there waiting for my food, three tables and two couples at the sushi bar finished and left. All this happened before I got item three on my list of six. I'm really flabbergasted. I used to love this place. When I complained again, he tried to shoe me out. Then he got loud, mumbled effing something or other and threatened to call the police. Henry this is how you treat your loyal customers who have been coming for 15 years? Henry, this is how you run your business? I'm a small business owner as well. I worked today and closed my shop at 3 PM...guess, what? When I was locking the door some customers arrived who drove all the way down to Granada Hills from Palmdale. Did I tell them to go home we're closed? No! I opened the door and sold them what they wanted. While they were there, more customers came in and I took care of them. This is how I treat my customers. If you see Henry, tell him I said "hi." I'll send him a customer service book for his birthday. Oh yeah, he banned me from the store for voicing my valid complaints. Thanks for the birthday memories, Henry. p.s. Our waitress was good and apologetic. I tipped her well and told her not to share the tip, it was for her only.