Big Belly Deli

6310 West Coast Hwy
Newport Beach, CA

for Big Belly Deli
by tommycapnpants
almost 5 years ago
this is in response to OSHUNLUVR's comment. you are a twat. the food here is great. see the good things in life and not the ugly. that is all.
by oshunluvr
over 5 years ago
DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME HERE> We ordered 2 sandwiches and 2 salads TO GO. Thats means we weren't planning on spending the entire day at this place - obviously, we had somewhere to go. This did not translate automatically to the FOUR useless people working here when we were there because 20 minutes later, they had not even looked at our ticket hanging over the service counter. I finally went back over to the cash register, interupted the conversation the employees were having in the kitchen - instead of doing the actual work they were getting PAID to do - and asked how much longer? THEN one of them finally looked at my order and started to work on it. There was only only other order at the time and it was after mine. IT TOOK 30 MINUTES TO GET 2 SANDWICHES AND 2 SALADS! Absolutely ridiculous. OK, if there had been 8-10 orders ahead of mine, sure. THERE WERE NO ORDERS AHEAD OF ME WHEN I PLACED MY ORDER! This has to be the worst service I have ever experienced from a deli. It's not like they had to bake the bread or kill and cook the turkey. To top it off, the food was just OK. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing notable either. Frankly, the bread and ingredients we had at home were of better quality. Had I known in advance that there were three other delis just down the road on the Balboa Peninsula, I would (and should) have kept going South and I would have had a full half-hour more to spend with my family. There is no reason at all I can think of to try this place. Do yourself a favor and keep going.