Marios Peruvian Restaurant

5786 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA

for Marios Peruvian Restaurant
by skipy31
over 5 years ago
I totally agree terrible service. I went today 06-29-13. I ordered PESCADO A LO MACHO it has to much paprika and it was salty. Manager and waitress were very rude. I will never go back.
by Lelipeli
almost 7 years ago
Really good food, but terrible service. I went on Thursday 03-22-12 & 5pm and this waitress refuse to arrange a table for 6 people even though the restaurant was half empty, all I ask was to put a small table next to the one we had 'cause they serve big plates but she was too lazy to do it. She gave me a rude attitude so I left the place without eating. She left good customers go and a good tip. And now I'm eating at another Peruvian restaurant.