Heritage Family Pantry

2601 Carson St
Lakewood, CA

for Heritage Family Pantry
by Gottaugood
almost 4 years ago
This has got to be the most ridiculous place in all of lakewood. The bald headed owner could care less about you as a customer, they have proved to me to be nothing more than a money hungry business. They treated employees so bad when they took over, that they had to sue them over labor laws. They continuely cry to YELP because I post the truth and they cry like little babies and get my posts removed. They simply can't face the truth. The food has become much more tasteless sence the original prep cook left because of management difficulties, some portions became less, let's face it, if the portions were not there people would not see them as that good. People are thinking because of these portions the food must be good but it's really not. How manny times have you seen a waitress wash hands after continually touching the computer after everyone else has touched it, what is being spread around as they touch your plates. I have eatin there every day before these new owners took over and destroyed the place. As you know they also advertise that this is a sub resturant to the greasy spoon called PIGGIES in hawthorn. Now that's another story in itself as the food there is worse than heritage, and talk about greas well you could probably cook for a week from the grease of one meal. Have you also noticed this is another MEXICO city run place? Have you noticed the language spoken when not around you? Are you sure they are not saying something about you? How do you know? The bald guy thinks it's great to use this language because he feels like he is God that has come from nothing and now owners or bank owners a couple of greasy spoon restaurants. Check out sometime how close some waitresses are to the bald guy, it seems everywhere he goes she goes and does everything for him. Just check it out, look around and pay attention to what's going on. If you were brought food that you didn't order how long would it take to get replaced? Your party will be done eating before your order will get right. I have heard that people have waited a while for a table and the bald guy sat people who came in much later and gave it to them and this goes on quite often I'm told. Perhaps their the bald guys friends, just a thought!. Can talk about this place forever and all I can forward to you is that this place does not belong in Lakewood, and the food is not even that good at all, Denny's probably is better, and we all know how bad that is! Good luck, form your own opinions and write back if you feel I'm wrong.