Corky's Kitchen & Bakery

Antonio Pkwy
Ladera Ranch, CA

for Corky's Kitchen & Bakery
by stinnett
about 5 years ago
Our visit to Corky’s Kitchen was memorable, in the bad way. The last time we went there was about 5 years ago. It took that long to get over the horrible last visit. Now I wish we didn’t go again. The service was miserable. We sat down about 5:20pm on a Sunday. The place was mostly empty. Our waitress came over and wanted to tell us about a Facebook special. And we gave her our coupon we received in the mail. She had no clue about the coupon and said we probably can’t use it since they had some Facebook deal and had to go find a manager to find out if they would accept their own coupon. She came back and said the manager decided to accept it. I was glad they “decided to accept” their own coupon! We ordered and got our salad in a few minutes. Then we waited and waited and waited. We did not see our waitress again for 30 minutes. People were seated next to us. They ordered. They got their food. People on our right were seated and they waited. They finally asked someone walking by to be helped and they then placed their order. Soon thereafter they received their dinner. Us, we were still waiting for our ours. We finally saw our waitress across the dining room talking to someone. For 10 minutes she stood there talking to someone at a table, never checking with us, or any other customers. We called another waitress over to ask about our dinner. She went over to our original waitress and then she came back and said she could take our order. We told her we already placed it with the original waitress. She went back to get our original waitress and she came back over and said someone “must have taken our order slip from her” so she would have to take our order again. We told her this was a joke and we could not wait another 20 minutes on top of the 60 we had already been there. She was unconcerned about what happened so we got up and left. I don’t think I will forget their bad service and ever go back again.