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by jennilarson
over 7 years ago
I can't believe after being a local and coming here for years that we received such horrible service!!!! I ordered the spanish omelet and it was not great and not what I had excepted, so I asked to order something else after only eaten one bit. I was told that all they could do was box it up for me and take it home and I would have to pay for it and anything else I ordered to swap it out with. I'm not one to send anything back so it was bad enough to do so I could not believe that was there so called policy. To make matters worse the cashier Lezette came over to our table to reprimand us on how I was being wasteful and that the omelet was not made wrong and everyone else that ordered it loved it. Implying there was something wrong with me. My husband who is a GM at a local restaurant/bar in Redondo could not believe what he was hearing and mentioned that this is not any kind of customer service and that we are not looking for a free meal just that we want something that I can want to eat rather than something I was not happy with. Lezette told him that's just how Martha's does things. IM SURE THAT THE OWNER WOULD THINK DIFFERENT!! We will NEVER go back and could not believe that someone would go out of there way to make their customers feel so in the wrong over something so simple and make such a scene to the surrounding tables.