Pho 99 Noodle & Grill

18209 Gale Ave
City of Industry, CA

for Pho 99 Noodle & Grill
by sukiusa
almost 7 years ago
Who says this very restaurant, 18209 Gale Ave City of Industry, CA 626.964.9729, is good?! LOL..... First of all, I love Pho. It 's a ritual to me having a bowl of pho for hangover. Right, guys? This restaurant is FXXXed. The soup is out of meats, unclean dishes & spoons. In fact, I was almost diving into the soup to look for more meat. When I commented it to the cashier, JXXXY who?, he said he would tell the chef about it. Looked very naive. Obviously, however, he played dumb, he knew the whole scheme then that he receives constant complaints. I realized it after reading you guys reviews. Even worse, I've got overcharged. I usually make sure what I get charged and receive an automatic alarm email from my bank whenever it's over $20. Well, guess what guys. Like another review said, I was $5 overcharged. So I called their number on the receipt. Not a correct number. I googled it and called him to explain. Again, he played dumb. I am pretty sure he didn't make a mistake to overcharge me. It's really disgusting!!! Dear My friends who are in love with Pho. This is a place I will never ever go again. Don't even think about this place at all.